Still colonised ?  Are we ??

Walking on the footprints ,

Why not create a path different ?

NaMo !NaMo!Namaste USA ! Second worthy visit of our PM Sh.Narendra Modi to the states and this time , its tech driven .No doubt we want to get educated in India , but when it comes to jobs , We prefer West or East coast for that matter . Boasting about foreign return , speaking with that haughty accent . Khaadi has been dusted off long , we drool over Gucci and Jack and Jones . Isn’t it the same America , who was a racist ? Who sees no difference between a sikh and an afgan ? The same state dominating everybody ?? Why have we surrendered ? Are we too weak to mediate or for that matter create ? Indian sector has a niche in pharma , software and hardware abroad . We are sitting right there , filling their spaces for executives . They need us . Generate your importance , don’t go slobbering about , just because it’s videshi !

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