What if ? 

Are we really born to walk in the same circle of life and death? 

Are we prudent enough not to notice,  why such magnamity of action? 

Who has set the standards for living? 

What’s a perfect ideal world? 

Why such money mindedness? 

Running after work? 

Is your inner conscience content? 

To whom are you justifying and showcasing your wealth? 

Why such love for materialistic goods? 

Walking blind in faith or running against the brewing hate ? 

Why this discontent? 

Why disbelief and loyalty and stake? 

What’s wrong with the world? 

Why this harlequin of love? 

Who and what are you living for? 

Who is the real you? Or rather you are made? 

Who tells you to paddle in the same boat? 

Why not refrain? 

Who has got your leash ? Who has held you in chains? 

What are you fighting against? 

What if it’s all a mystery to solve? And what if no one has broken the code yet? 

What if you are also the one trapped? 

What if He watches you and smirks? 

What if nobody can beat his game? 



​Who knows the real you? The unhidden unmasked face of you? 

Your gut, your soul. 

Your cries,your pain 

Who you are in times of sane and insane? 

The trembling of lips, the shivering of soul, 

The racing heartbeat, the tears forbore. 

Will He carry your  skin in you till the end?

Will He glance onto you and smile? 

Will He love and will the love survive? 

Oh for you see the troubling West winds, 

But will he hold thy hand akin? 

That’s a mystery,  a mystery indeed 

The real you was the monster beneath. 


​Where do I find the true essence of pure love devoid of any physicality? 

Have the claws of lust crushed it thereby making love nowadays only the friction of two high sexual energy needs. 

Or is true love a myth now as to say,  or do I feel too deeply that he went astray. 

I feel his hands still on my skin, those ruddy bites, 

The nibbling on my skin,  

But was it enough all that ecstacy? 

Giving someone all you could for life 

And getting back just a frivolous depth of uncertainty. 

The second . 

I lost you the second time 

His part in you 

Our love in your shape was never defined 

It was all I longed for 

I couldn’t possibly bear the pain 

I thought I will pass away with you in me 

Groaning side by side 

My heart skipped a beat 

Blood all around dripping beneath 

Oh will my love always suffer a death ! 

Did I kill you or killed myself instead ? 

Happy memories were all darkened 

My skies turned grey 

Fear caught me , drenched in sweat 

I only longed to see you once my love 

I have not you nor him 

Ah the Gods are neither above nor within . 


​Maybe we are both made from the same fire , we burn each other up in flames . 

But your love is like a drug to me 

And I can’t stay away 

Baby o love me once someday ! 

Come see in my heart what all do I have 

Its all you 

Only u 

Your picture in my eyes , your love in my blood I carry 

Dont look down upon me 

I got only u , not too many.. 

Come walk away with me 

Let me kiss all your sorrows goodbye

Come hold my hand 

Let me be yours tonight 

Crushing in calling out are my insides 

I dont reckon what you want 

You love me 

You hate me 

You fight you save me 

Whom are you running from 

Let your heart be mine 

Let me in 

I will melt in you 

I will make u shine 

Come on now , be mine .  

Truly mine , only mine 

All lies

My heart beats so fast
My knees feel weak
I can’t do a task
It’s him
Now he is gone
Then why still
He lingers around in my head
Playing games with my heart
Oh why so
My own body is not my own
My heart feels caged
All alone
No such thing as love
Only pain
The rusted trust yet back again.

Lost motherland !

I summon the sturdy mountains who stood as a witness to our massacre ,
I summon the deep blue waters whose tides rinsed our flesh,
I summon my blood soaked soil
I summon my cold hearth
I summon the populus trees ,
who with their naked eyes have seen the betrayal. 
I summon the sky ,  I summon thee
I summon you
I summon me
How unruly and desperate doth had he become,
That he murdered his own kin
The war was not for azaadi
The war was against Gods .
And I had a different God than his
And that’s all what mattered .

Freedom of speech ?

Bharat ki barbaadi tak , jung rahegi ! ”
“Afzal hum tumhare armaano ko manzil tak pahuchaenge ! ”
JNU ,  located in the very heart of India and one of the most prestigious universities was the venue of such anti- Indian slogans. Alternatively , a month back we heard a Pakistani Umar Draz, was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment,only because he was a Virat Kohli fan and hoisted Indian tricolor. Alteratively here in India, the youth of our very own country demands barbaadi of the nation , the same tolerant India who has not took any stern measures for the hate spewing out of their fangs , the same India who feeds their hungry mouth. Its a shame ! Shame that a few bunch of students who are entitled as students because they are studying in an Indian university,  defame their own country .What message do they want to popularise ? Supporting a terrorist ,  who attacked the Parliament killing 14 people . Then because of the same man occured a high intensity bomb blast outside Delhi High Court , killing 11 and injuring 76.
Are you anti India or anti Human ? If you want to raise slogans in praise of a terrorist who blood soaked your soil killing innocent people then hats off to your concience and patriotism. Freedom of speech doesn’t give you the freedom to hurt national sentiments and mock democracy.  Dont politicize minority issues with nationalism . The ruling government has no doubt witnessed dejectable issues concerning Akhlaq in Dadri and the very talked about Rohit Vermula case giving heat to the rising intolerance. The opposition has time and again raised fingers on it ,  but think didn’t in the reign of congress we had much larger and burning issues ? Exodus of kashmiri pandits or massacre of Sikhs in 1984 .
What are you buffeting against ?  What freedom ?  Whose gain ?  Whose loss ??
Modi ki BJP ,  Sonia ki Congress ,  AAP ki Delhi ..  Par ye desh kiska ?


For she plunged into thoughts which only drew her more close to the ones who maybe could possibly destroy her,she was no doubt happy..if not permanently,but at that stance..nothing more gave her pleasure than being with the ones who reminded her of her home.They were the children of the forces who had betrayed them, her heart was beating terribly fast .. puff puff pass !